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      Had this dream around April 24th right before I had the broken glass bottle dream. in this dream was my husband my sister and i. It seemed like all 3 of us were in a vehicle. But in dream it was like we were just there at the post office. But it did not feel we drove. We let my husband off at the post office. There was no wavering cause husband had to take care of something or do something at the post office. Then I was the passenger and my sister was the driver. For Some reason we drove by what I felt was a house I either I lived in or knew of. Not really why but we drove by front door. I saw a white letter size envelope stuck between the screen door. then saw a big brown envelope and then a medium size envelope all 3 held between screen door. I felt afterwards maybe that’s why we drove by to see if it’s we were waiting for it. Now in dream my sister backed up the truck. For some reason felt like she had to back into the space in front .Now specifically it was a ram like big pickup truck. next it was like I was just transported into the house. I don’t remember walking in. was just in the hallway. then I walked down the hall around the corner to the bathroom then turned around walk back thru hallway. Then I thought I better get going or maybe go get husband cause felt like he might be done doing what he had to do and if we weren’t there he would come here or meet us.

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