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      I dreamt I was on a farm and I was driving someone home in an old farm vehicle. Then it turned to me meeting a friend who does not talk to me anymore (in real life) I ended up riding a little grey horse (my own horse from when I was a child) her name was sugar and my old friend had a bigger brown horse we had two other girls with us but I don’t know who they were. We were riding back to a farm which was my husbands. My friends horse tripped down this rough muddy patch and injured its leg so it was limping and I noticed the horse had shoes on too. We kept riding and my old friend tried to touch his foot to my foot. We got back to the farm and there was a big harvest of fruit the farmer told me to help sort out the fruit and I saw my old friend going into a shed.

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      I felt this dream was important to me. Does anyone have an interpretation for it? Thank you 😊

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