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      Daisy Wardani

      Shalom from Jakarta, Indonesia.

      I have this dream that somewhat puzzling me.

      The dream start in the enemy’s camp (I often been put into this position – to see the enemies and before I tend to get scared of this vision but not anymore 🙌) and I probably was there as a spy. The setting was like British camp in the 1800 (they are wearing those clothes that resemble 1800s war) and there were many soldiers there. Some are preparing themselves, some are relaxing in their tent and some are preparing to go to war and some already marching outside the camp. Their eyes were full of fire and I can feel the evilness. From my understanding, these people are human. I sneak away and run as fast I could to warn the people in the nearest city. The atmosphere is so dark, the only thing that I see the army battalion marching behind me full of fire. When I get into the city, I try to warn the people there. I scream “the enemy is coming, prepare yourself” over and over again. Many responded but not see it as warning. Some pretend they don’t hear me. And then I try to warn the “army of God” – bunch of battalion there but they react it as if they are not ready. In my desperation, I ran to my family’s home and see my mom’s sleeping. I wake her up and tell her what happened but she fell back to sleep again. I found my brother in the same room, but his to busy organizing his containers. And then I remember that I need to warn my general – the highest leader of the army. I ran to his home and find him just stand still watching outside the window. Seem so odd that I feels like I know him cause I called him General Habakkuk. So then I told him that the enemy’s troops are coming and they are approaching soon. And then my dream ended.

      Any intake?

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      Hello Daisy,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. I just have a few questions that might shed some light on your dream. Please kindly take them to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the final/accurate interpretation.
      1) Do you feel that you might be called to be a “watchman” and a “soldier” in the army of the Living Lord, Yahweh Sabaoth, the Commander of Angel Armies?
      2)Do you feel or people actually don’t listen to you when you try to talk to them about spiritual matters?
      3) Do you feel people are not as zealous as you are and are “sleepy?”


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