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      To everything there is a season. In a video posted not to long ago a women was trying to planet a garden because “technically” is was the time to do so but it wasn’t the season to do so because it had snow. I heard God say that my times are not your times. This is so true. I had went through a bad divorce, lost my dad to cancer and had to get a full hip replacement. I had to be put in a place where I could not depend on my marriage, my job or my ability. I was working, but the divorce placed me in a bad finical state. I was looking for another job, just so I could breathe and nothing was opening up for me. God was saying trust me and I was panicking on how I was going to support myself and my daughter. I was use to a certain way of doing things and God changed everything. An opportunity came up in another county, doing the same work I was doing and paying more. I wasn’t sure if I should do it but I applied and got the job which increased my finances. This was the timing of God, as soon as I accepted the job, and moved to the new location, more finances started coming in. Money owed to me from my old job was paid out to me which helped me with the move, and the deposit for the apartment and utilities. I was able to catch up on my bills (I was two maybe three months behind) and it didn’t stop there. More finances came, and I was able to get a car for my daughter who was in college and needed it. I had to wait two years, I was looking at everyone receiving and was happy for them but it didn’t seem like anything was happening for me but it was. I had to wait for my season and trust God. He did more than I could every imagined.

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