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      Noma Ngwenya

      Afew weeks back I dreamt that I was in a minibus taxi with my ex boyfriend. He was driving and I was sitting behind close to the door. When I looked down I saw 2 mismatchd shoes and when I looked outside I saw a shoe that matched to the other shoe on the floor of the car and I wanted to get it..My ex stopped the car and I got off but the area didnt look safe so he said he’ll leave me and drive around. When I looked around the shoe was gone and there were some guys who looked dodgy and they were just running around. I started walking down the road because I didnt want to be standing in one place.It was dark and I looked for a place to hide and I hid next to some bushes watching 2 houses across the road.A car came out from the one house and after some time I sent my ex my location and I was watching him driving on my phone like how you can see an uber driving to your location when you request.On the app it was showing that he’s driving on the road towards me but I couldnt see the car coming so I started walking towards the direction he was meant to come from..A lady and her child got out from one of the houses I had been watching and it’s like they wanted to take my things from me. I started praying and calling on the name of Jesus but it seemed like nothing was happening so it almost looked like I gave up and started giving them my stuff but not with a willing heart. Then I said to her ,this is what God is saying know that in taking these things you are bringing a curse not only on yourself but also on your child and your children’s children and I kept emphasizing the generations thing. Then I woke up

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      Hello Noma,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      First, it is a good thing that you are no longer in that relationship as it was unequally yoked (mismatched shoes), unsafe, there was no protection, and you were relegated to second place.
      Second, you need to forgive and God loves a cheerful giver. The reason that nothing was happening when you called the name of Jesus is because this is an issue you need to deal with personally and obey.


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