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      My husband had this dream of me and him can I get someone to help with the meaning.

      My husband said we both in the home then said when the sun was setting we both went outside but it was I that had 24 fireworks , I began to light each one by one each burst into the sky I guess

      Beautiful sunset then next beautiful sunrise

      Next huband says we go to bed I the wife got up as the sun was coming up , I went outside had this hand crank siren. I began to set it off the siren 7 times..

      I then go back inside then went to the closet ,I presume prayer closet. My husband said the prayer closet had a door I think and there was stained glass like windows.

      I picked up this notepad that was beside me and there was check box like squares and a list of things so as I went down the list I began to check mark in red in box then an x in black. So as I checked marked off thingsin red check mark they disappeared off the list. Yet other things formed on the list below as a continuing the list

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