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      Eunice Vega

      I did not join your 2022 fast. I am planning on 2023. I was laid off from my job on May 4, 2022. God had opened the door TWICE for me to have my job. I believe thru my sin and disobedience that it opened up the door for satan to take it away. I feel like Nebuchadnezzar who was in the wilderness for 7 years because of pride and sin, I am out of work for 7 weeks now because of the same. I believe in my heart that this is the wilderness and that He will RESTORE my job back to me. I have repented and I know Jesus has forgiven me. I acknowledge that He gave me what I wanted and that was the best job I ever had in my whole life and to be grateful and Praise Him everyday for it. I love my job and I am fasting to get it back. I know God can break any of man’s rules. This would take a miracle, and I am fasting for just that. I was looking for work, but I hitting a brick wall every time. I do not have training that is needed in obtaining a job that supplies a living wage. I have not been able to get unemployment benefits. However, THIS IS WHAT I AM FASTING FOR: for my job which I believe in my heart was a gift from my Father to be re-instated and soon. That my paychecks will resume quickly to be able to pay my rent, bills and keep my car from being repossessed. That all covid and any other restrictions to be lifted from me and to be able to work there in the office and NOT FROM HOME. I am also asking for increase in my pay. They gave me severance and for all PTO and sick days. I had to sign a contract for permanent separation. I am asking in prayer and fasting that the contract will be considered null and void and a new contract for re-employment will be issued for me and that the severance and other pay they gave me would not be required for repayment. I have watched Jentezin Franklin for a long time. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to start fasting back in 2015. I tried and tried and gave up. I know the Holy Spirit was warning me about this beforehand. Had I fasted I do not believe I would have lost this job. Please stand and fast with me. I need this miracle. I do not want any other job. I do not want unemployment pay, as God is my only source. I am 62 years old, divorced since 1998, no children, no family, no friends. I have been considering suicide. Please stand in unity with me. Please fast with me. This is a specific request for a miracle to take place in my life. Thank you. God Bless, Eunice PS. if one of your prayer ministers can call me I would be most grateful to hear you are standing in agreement with me. 908-391-4171

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      Lord help Eunice in yahshuas name.I thank you lord you are giving her direction and answers concerning this.i pray lord you bring godly friends into her path that will enrich her life and help her draw closer and closer to you.i pray she will be encouraged and strengthened now in jesus name.I pray you bring miraculous provision to her during this time.In yahshuas name.Do not stop tithing precious sister.

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