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      I had dream last night , I was laying in the lap of a older man I didn’t know and he was like a father figure, he was dressed in black. Beside us in the bed was his wife older lady with white on and I believe white short hair. She said to me you should get up because this doesn’t look right. So I did and I went to the end of the bed and there was this baby doll that looked real and talked but it was fake and the older women said this is the baby(like maybe 1 years old)that my husband got me because we couldn’t have children. The area around the baby and the baby was pink and she was holding a large blanket that flowed out.

      When I first wrote this down I felt like it was not from the Lord but wanted to make sure it wasn’t a warning.
      Thank you in advance.

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      This is a warning. The man whose lap you were in gave the woman this fake baby that was pink. Pink is the color of the flesh and you were laying in the lap of this man. This is a warning to be careful that you are not walking in the flesh. That is what I am picking up from this one.

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