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      I had a dream that I was dress like I work as operating room nurse.. I was putting my scrubs on and me and my child good friend went down stair to prepare.. we was about to do surgery..
      all of a sudden I saw a bunch of nurses and someone came and help me to put the rest of my uniform on.. then it turn into my building.. I went outside looking for my friend but they said she was not prepare and did not have the rest of her uniform.. so I went outside and she was hanging her sister.. so my co worker follow me and when I went back in all the nurses was gone and I missed my surgery. So I had to take it off and get ready to go home.. I said just five hours.. then I woke up

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      Hello Je,

      Thank you for sharing your dreams with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      I’m not sure if you ever worked as an operating nurse or are still in that role.

      It appears that you will be involved in an “operation” (not surgical) of some sort that involves current or future preparation and need the support of others. Some people might betray each other. You might end up doing the work alone due to dissolution of whatever the operation/activity/project/ministry/business and you will need grace for others and self through this entire ordeal. Please pray that the Holy Spirit gives you clarity of who to prepare and build with and for His Grace when people (even trusted parties) start betraying each other.


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