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    Dark and raining, looked like evening. With my church youth group. Evergreen bench in the middle of empty parking lot with dark green trees around, cloudy covered sky, can’t distinguish single clouds, I was sharing an umbrella with a guy member I used to have a crush on (not anymore, they are like my family, no feeling of malice) and every time the wind would blow the umbrella would press down on me and me onto his shoulder, it was a Black umbrella. 2 of the female members (they are sisters) I look up to I think were standing because there wasn’t enough space on the bench for all of us, I look up to the eldest sister the most. I think we were all wearing dark rain coats (black or very dark green some of us). We passed a building that was bad or something I think they were doing something that wasn’t Christian and I think there was a man standing outside the small building telling ppl to come to the function for what they were doing or something. We walked away past, it was worshipping something else I think. There was another building that looked like that building and it was adjacent but really close, a couple of metres away but it was a little smaller, no one was inside I don’t think and it had trees or plants near the back. Both buildings were in the middle of practically nowhere i think because beyond them was just concrete car park I think like the one we went to where we found the bench but that car park was on a higher level, we had to go up stairs to get there and it was raining for entire dream. The small building could have been toilets or something I think and there was I think music coming out of the other bigger building and the lights from the building shined out a little. Around the car park there were dark green trees. Our youth group was of around 7 ppl and we walked around the empty outdoor parking lot until we found the bench and decided to sit down. We huddled and stuck close to each other like penguins. In real life I view these ppl like my family.

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