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      I was staying in a room with Mum. It was like a motel room and it had a door to an adjoining room. I went in and said “excuse me” because Dr Samuel was there and was putting his shirt on. I felt uncomfortable and for a split second, wondered if I should leave and come back when he was dressed. But I was committed to completing a task so I didn’t look, just kept my head down and focused on what I was doing, which was returning some clean, unused, empty, plastic specimen jars which I placed inside a much larger clear cylinder. Dr Samuel said that he was going on rounds and left, adjusting the collar of his white lab coat that he had just put on and leaving the door open. I felt that the door needed to be closed for privacy or security reasons, because it was a Doctor’s private consulting room and had medical equipment and supplies in there, so members of the public would not normally be allowed to look into or enter the room. So I closed the door. I then went back through the adjoining door again, back to Mum and said that I felt better having completed that task.

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      Hello KMC,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      I’m not sure what your ability to hear God is like now. Perhaps, Dr. Samuel might represent that God hears your prayers and wants/is transparent with you in His dealings. Perhaps, you might be more of a private person and might be invited to let down some walls and be more trusting.


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