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demonic stronghold on my body causing physical pain

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      Patricia Jane

      Almighty Father God just this evening told me that because my soul belongs to Him I can not be possessed but that satan can attack my body and mind. Satan gained a stronghold when I fell into anger and bitterness. The back pain did immediately follow after I learned that a very traumatic event that happened to me at 16 yrs old was caused by my mother. It’s been 47 years but things always come to light. Although the traumatic event was 47 years ago, I ended up reliving the emotional pain of my 16 yr old self and i have been angry and not wanting to very bother with my mom again. She has no idea but this was the first mother’s as her daughter i did not acknowledge her. It’s been two months now and i’ve been to the chiropractor 3 times a week this entire time. Interestingly enough although i’ve been a believer of chiropractic care for 40 yrs, I got injured in treatment! My knee got injured when I went for care on my back. My current chiropractor is every skilled and i’ve been seeing him for 5 yrs when i have an issue. Yet i get injured. God told me my anger and resentment are the reason my body is not well, it a demonic stronghold. I need a deliverance and googled and found this site. God bless you all and I will pay it forward and pray over someone as asked. Thank you

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