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      Creché Conway

      I’ve been in an on and off relationship with my daughter’s father for the past 8 years, a lot of bad has happened between us since i fell pregnant.. but we always find our way back to each other.. but these past 4 months have been the worst by far and every time i mention letting go he gets upset and tells me we need to fix this not give up.. Justin has been on drugs for the post 14 years he has 2 sons from another woman, so it has been a challenge but i love him and i don’t want to let go, i believe that nothing is impossible for God.. in January i told some people really personal, intimate things about him because i was so hurt and broken and angry.. it destroyed us, our daughter hasn’t spent more than 10 minutes with him since January, he didn’t even wish her on her birthday.. there’s so much heartache but we both still love each other very much, he’s just having a really hard time forgiving me but he yries and he uses a lot more drugs because of this.. I’m trusting my Lord Jesus to deliver Justin Jardine from addiction and to heal what’s broken inside him and our relationship in Jesus name

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