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Deep dream with parallels

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      So, this dream was given to me by my older sister as of two days ago. I am writing the dream verbatim as she gave it to me:

      She said that she saw me in a church service with a particular great prophet of God. I was in the crowd. The prophet was ministering and then paused to have his pastorate and other ministers bring up before the altar 16 canteens of water. All the canteens of water were full. After the canteens were lined up before the altar, the prophet then picked me up from the crowd. He began ministering to me saying,” God is about to take you higher and grant you very deep revelations. Revelations like nobody has heard or seen.”

      He then asked me, “are you pregnant?” Of which I then responded, “Ha, my father asked me the same question and, yes, yes I am pregnant. I am pregnant with a seed on the inside of me and this seed is growing and soon the whole world will see the greatness of this seed.” (My sister explains that I replied back to the prophet as though I myself am a prophet. She says, I replied with much boldness) The prophet then proceeded to nod emphatically in agreement with what I was saying. My sister than says, she saw my belly open up and on the inside of me was glowing light that just kept getting brighter and brighter.

      My sister is now transitioned in the dream to my the church where I currently worship in the natural. (For context, my church just built a new building, but has to sell off the old one. In the natural we worship in the new building, but in the dream she is transitioned to the old one)

      She then sees me in the church pushing a stroller. After which she sees 8 5 gallon sized jugs placed across the church. She said a woman was with me taking me around and told me, “Michelle, you’re assignment is that you must empty all the jugs of its water.” So, I began to empty the jugs of its water, but had not gotten to the the last jug. So the woman said to me, “You’re assignment is to empty this last jug of its water and when you empty the jug of its water, everything here is going to change.” My sister said I emptied the jug after which she went over to the stroller I was pushing and there was beautiful baby girl inside.

      Someone please, help me interpret this. For some context, my father is a Pastor. I am a Pastor’s daughter. I have been in a rough season where I have been truly questioning the value and giftings upon my life..but I see that this dream may be God reaffirming me in some way? I don’t know, but my sister said it was very deep and felt very real.

      Prayerfully awaiting a response.


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      Hello Michelle,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      You are called to deliver the Word of God and are/will be filled with the Holy Spirit. However, you must do everything from love. May God help you be loving and empower you with I Corinthians 13 in Jesus’s Almighty Name I pray, Amen!


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