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      Mayra Ramirez

      My sister Jackie, handed me a small bundle of red hair. She indicated for me to go and get something made to cover my head, like a hairpiece or something that would cover the top of my head.  I went to a hair salon, but was told they couldn’t help me, for the hair was red and my hair was brown. Tried a few other places, but couldn’t get anything made.  I was then walking and saw people I knew walking their dogs.  I love dogs, so as I walked and greeted a person, I naturally tried to pet their dog, but the dog would bark at me, making me retrieve quickly – startled.  It happened with every person & dog I saw on that walk.
      Later, I appeared somewhere else, halfway lying down – it seemed I was tired & was resting. There was a person sitting next to me, looking and talking to me. It looked like my son Nicklaus. He was gently speaking to me in a reassuring manner, saying I didn’t have a memory problem and that I was very smart. In the dream and in the natural, I’ve wondered about both. After he said those words, I felt multi-colored bubbles come out from me from what appeared to be a tube inside of me.

      I woke up not sure how I was feeling. Initially, I thought it was a bad dream due to the dogs barking at me, but I feel there’s more to it. After praising God, I fell asleep & had another long dream, which I’ll post next.

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