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      I had this dream there was crisis(more of religious/ethnic) that erupted and I, my siblings and other were running away in the bush by night finding way of escape, we ran endlessly ,we suddenly met with a man and woman with a trumpet and other musical instruments, immediately we all assembled and started singing praises and dancing(at that point i was not scared or care if our enemies were still pursuing us, i said in my mind even if they strike now that I’m sure connected with God in Spirit the highest is death here while my soul meets the Lord) We continued with praises then one my siblings came from the back(I was among the lead praises) to where I was crying that Our mother(late) is going away as we started singing, I went back to look and actually saw her leaving the scene with fear, Immediately she sighted me she sat on the ground then I woke up. Checked time and it was 3:15am, I prayed thanking God for separating me from familiar spirit(my mother is dead 2018 being seeing her in my dreams & praying against ) and prayed also for Victory at last after roaming and running through the bush.

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