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      I had a dream that I had a cell phone dream and my phone was not working to call my friend. My friend said she tried to call me back but my cell phone said not in service anymore. What does this dream mean??

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      Broken communication with a close contact(cellphone, friend). I’d pray against any misunderstandings that might want to come up. there are spirits that mess us communication like Leviathan, crocodile-twisting everything said and meant in communication, which is not just limited to word conversations – usually attacks where God wants to establish something for His glory.
      In short, there’s nothing to fear, God just giving you a heads up;
      to pray for all relationships you have, but especially with your friend if she exists in waking life
      and then lastly to just watch, be intentional and careful about your communication; basically watch and pray .
      Blessings; in Jesus Christ.

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