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      This is a dream my 15 year old son Elliott recently had. I’m sorry it’s quite long, I just feel it might be a significant dream for his life/future and I need help interpreting it’s meaning.
      Some context if this helps?
      The Dad he refers to in the dream is his stepfather, who’s been in his life since he was 7, when we married.
      His Pop, Uncle Jesse, Stepfather, Nana and myself are all born again believers and have been that way his whole life.

      This is the dream:
      I was camping with my Mum’s family but none of the kids were there it was just me and the adults. We were happy and relaxing.
      My Uncle and I hopped on our mountain bikes and started riding around the campsite doing jumps. A man walked over and started talking to us about doing jumps. He then showed us this grass wall, large jump thing that he had just built directly in front of our tents and cars.
      My family and I started getting mad at him and told him “No you can’t build that here, we don’t own this place. You will get us in trouble!”
      The man didn’t care and kept building it anyway. We were all so annoyed, so Uncle Jesse, Pop, Dad and I hopped in our car and drove away. We started driving up a mountain that was near by.
      The track up the mountain turned into a fire trail track. We stopped halfway up because we thought we were lost.
      Just then as we looked up ahead we saw these men on mountain bikes coming really, really fast down the track right towards us. They tried to brake but it was too late. They crashed right into our car.
      We got out to help them. One of them broke their legs. We weren’t sure what to do for him so my Dad and I went to look for help.
      The both us us started hiking further up the mountain, which slowly became denser and turned into jungle. As we hiked up higher the mountain we came to a very tall section.
      We started climbing up this tall rock that was part of the trees. When we reached the very top, we found ourselves so high up, above all of the trees and the view looked very beautiful.
      We were taking in the view for a moment when all of a sudden we heard a loud bang. We looked up and saw the sky starting to open up. (I don’t know how to explain it properly) it looked like a big crack in the sky.
      Then a bridge appeared across the sky. My Dad and I were so amazed!! The bridge went into this big white circle landing which was sort of facing us. I then heard a voice saying “it was my time”. I told Dad I wasn’t ready, he said we’ll this is it! At that moment I got sucked up and everything went black for a minuet.

      I landed in this palace/castle type place. Everything was gold and white marble floors with red carpet robe on top of the floors. I followed the carpet and went up the stairs. I had an awesome feeling and thought this place was the best!!
      As I walked around and explored the palace I saw people everywhere and everyone was really happy, I thought to myself like this isn’t so bad after all.
      But then something went wrong. I can’t really remember that part exactly but something happened and all of a sudden I left and was back at the campsite. Then moments later I was immediately back at the palace/castle entry again but this time it was bad.
      I followed the same root and went inside but nothing was gold anymore. There was no red Capet, the floor was still white marble but the rest was gone. As I went upstairs again to the second floor I noticed all the people were now lined up in a straight line, kneeling, looking in the same direction outside towards the mountain from where I had first came from.
      Nobody noticed or were looking the other way to see the big ogre down stairs.
      Standing on the second floor you can see straight through down to the first floor because of the rooms large circle open structure in the middle of the room (As you could in the first visit as well)
      Now this time there was a big angry ogre down stairs on the first floor.
      It had a big wooden hammer in its hands and was destroying all the pillars that were holding up the second floor. At first I got mad at it and said “what are you doing!” but it didn’t answer me.
      He went around in a circle knocking out all the Pilar’s one by one but accidentally missed one of the pillar. This annoyed me that he missed one because I thought to myself we’ll if your going to do the job you may as well do it properly. So I went and knocked it down with him.
      That’s when I woke up.

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      Please 🙏🏻

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