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      Good morning,

      I have a relationship with Christ, but I am not walking the way I should be. I was also recently proposed to by a Christian man, but I told him not yet because I am unsure.

      Here is the dream:
      I’m hosting a birthday party for a family member. Lots of people are there. At the end of the party, I get proposed to by another man, other than the one who did in real life.
      My mother tells me it’s my fault I’m in this situation with two men proposing to me.
      As people are leaving, I remember there are two large blue snakes in the house.
      I try to get them to go outside and one chases me, trying to bite me. I’m afraid.
      Then the location changes and I’m at work trying to get away from the snakes and I get help from coworkers who are trying to kill them.
      I lead one snake outside and shut the door. The second gets its head cut off but the head still tries to attack me.
      A coworker tries to stomp its head and we try to smash it with a cinder block
      I wake up.

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      Hello Grace,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      There are two scenarios/people in your life that are not what they proclaim to be and you buying into deception and/or a recipient of slander. Be on your guard! Do not accept any proposals(marital or other commitments) at this point in time until God gives you a solid undeniable green light.

      Here’s a rhetorical question for you. “What can you do to bridge the gap between yourself and God and walk with Him?” I ask because you truly need to be able to hear God’s voice and direction as people may inadvertently deceive or mislead you. I pray that you walk the way that you should (as per your words :)) in Jesus’s Almighty Name I pray, Amen!


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      In addition, Grace, I don’t know why but the following thoughts also linger and pardon me for the sensitive question. Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, or some other mental condition? Something is attacking you and perhaps people have been praying for you to conquer them. You will be successful in conquering one of them but still struggle with another. Pardon me if I’m totally off but the blue coloured snakes and the actions are what propelled these thoughts.


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