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      Hi Nichole, I am here smiling in my heart; after reading the prophetic word that was published before this one (abundance) I was surprised to see you calling on Melisha to share her testimony, at first I thought this is not for me, maybe there is another Melisha here; but then something strange happened, each time I looked at the name it was like I was pulled; I may not be able to fully explain; however I prayed in my heart and say God I don’t have a testimony but if there’s one remind me of it.

      The first prophetic word had past, and here comes the following, (abundance) and Nichole again beckons Melisha to share her testimony; and again each time I looked at the name I was pulled hmmm.

      Here’s my testimony, I have this new job one year now, and where I worked it’s a busy season but I needed my vacation leave; because I am kinda new I spoke in the hearing of my colleagues that I had requested for it and I had expected to begin my vacation on the same day I was speaking but no response.

      I was told by a few I will not get it, it’s not possible, but one young lady said, “Melisha just try” I did again.

      This time, I sent an email to my manager no response, my supervisor, nothing! Almost disappointed, the next day was the weekend seemingly all hope was lost.
      But that was not God’s will, I was off on the Saturday, at home sleeping in the middle of the day when my phone rang, and on the other end my supervisor called to tell me he was on vacay and just got in, seeing my request he’s going to work on it immediately, and just like that, God approved it, no hassle it was approved the same day within a few mins, praise God!

      Here’s the victory, being off for two weeks I was suppose get only my base pay; but when I checked my pay it was doubled, 🗣hallelujah! I tried to put the math together but it couldn’t add up, I was not at work to make any incentive, who could it be; glory to God in the highest, he is a miracle working God!

      God bless you Nichole, God showed you the miracle before it happened, I knew about the vacation part, but had it not been that my pay was doubled I wouldn’t have been convicted to come forward.

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