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      a drone

      dream was my family not sure of all that were but it seem like my sister ( irl she died of cancer and is in heaven now so not sure why she was in my dream) but some of us went to an outdoor event. We were enjoying music. It was winding down thou or that part of music was ending Now i notice we were sitting on some flat or platform then i saw this drone that was covered with protection all around it accept of course the camera part. Basically the drone was being protected by the rain or sun you could say that had a covering over it.

      So the drone was hovering low human height and it went around capturing all the people enjoying the event. So as my sister noticed it too she didnt want the drone to see her face

      so my sister got up from beside me to switch her sitting to where she was kinda behind me of but sitting next to me facing away from the drone. It was like i shielded her from the drone capturing her. So she was behind my back yet sitting beside me is all i can to describe it. I for some reason was ok with the drone (irl im not that way im opposite)

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      Hello a drone,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. May we know your sister’s name?


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