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      This was my first time partaking in the new year’s fast and I’m so grateful to God that I was able to complete it.

      One of my prayer requests was a change of job for my spouse. It all started off as a referral in December 2023, come Jan 2024 my spouse decided to follow up with the referee which he was assured that interviews should take place at the end of January.

      After the fast, I was still following the prayer intercession of JOY specifically praying for others. Fast forward to February, my spouse received an invitation for an interview with another company along with the company that he was referred. Both interviews were done the same first week of February.

      As of last week, he received an offer from the referred company which he has accepted but still waiting for the 2nd company to get back to him. God is indeed faithful and always looks out for Us.

      This is also thanking God is advance for the other requests listed🙏🏽.

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