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      Christy S

      I’ve had two dreams that are concerning me and need a second opinion bc I am new to interpreting dreams.

      First – I dreamed that I was at my childhood home and I was trying to keep a bunch of puppies behind the fence and not run away and get hurt. I was getting angry because a few were persistent. I smacked one on the nose and felt
      Guilty bc “it was only a puppy”. I was able to secure them and started feeding them. I noticed that I didn’t have enough food for all of the puppies. One puppy was brown and not starving but skinny. I thought I had too many puppies. I then woke up.

      Puppies: unbelievers, religious hypocrites
      Brown: dead (like in plant life) repentant, born again, w/o spirit.

      Initial interpretation- I am surrounded by spiritual babies and I am trying to feed them the word but don’t have enough in myself feed others.

      Second dream the very next night: I was at my home and a black snake was chasing me. I felt like there were small baby snakes on the floor but didn’t get close
      Enough to find out.

      Black: symbol of famine or death
      Serpent: Satan & evil spirits

      I should also note that on my walk 3 days ago I saw 2 different black snakes within 50 ft of each other. I did not feel afraid (which was odd for me).

      Interpretation: Satan is after me with famine and death.

      Are these just dreams since I have been asking for more of a Seer walk and I am reading into this or are there things in the spiritual realm being told to me so that I can put on the Armor of God and stand against it?

      Thank you for reading and I ask for prayers!

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      Hello Christy,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      I would like to say that I’m impressed by you sharing your thoughts of interpretations of your dreams and providing how you came about them. Keep it up 🙂

      Dream #1:
      I believe that your initial interpretation is accurate and the puppies represent future souls to be won or immature believers to be discipled in the context of your dream.

      Dream #2:
      A demonic stronghold, perhaps a lie is attacking you and it may or not be related to your first dream. If so, it might pertain to feelings of inadequacy regarding your ability to minister to unbelievers or immature Christians.

      May the Holy Spirit give you clarity.

      On a side note, I’ve had two dreams about two years ago about puppies. From my recollection (and to summarize briefly although the dreams were lengthy), the first had to do with MULTIPLE puppies in a fridge and the second were puppies that appeared dead in some area. I believe both dreams suggest work to be done with a future spiritual harvest. As an example, you put something a fridge to prevent it from going back and extend its ability to be eaten in the “future” hence the reason I said I believe that the puppies in my dream refers to a future harvest or discipleship.

      *I have prayed for Grace to be equipped for the work God is calling you to do with His harvest. Remember “…not by might or power but by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts” (Zech 4:6). Lord of hosts, means Yahweh Sabaoth, the God of Angel armies, meaning you can request for angelic assistance as well 🙂


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      Correction *prevent it from going “bad”.

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      Christy S

      Thank you F.E! I appreciate your response and your prayers!

      “The Lord bless you
      and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;
      the Lord turn his face toward you
      and give you peace.”

      Love and Blessings!!!

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      Hello Christy,

      May Yahweh Alone be praised! Thank you very much for the blessing it meant a lot to me.


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