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I was just researching dream interpretation and found this site and your post.
Unfortunately I would not consider myself skilled at this or have any concrete answers but I did read your dream and felt bad that no one posted anything.

So first off, GOD loves you and has your heart. It’s going to be okay. I know this sounds so basic but I really just wanted to reach out.

My interpretation is the following: Please pray and take this with a grain of salt. Maybe cross reference this with more skilled people as well.

Okay- So this chick and her friends are happy and having a party. You not so much. You are about to be sacrificed and you’re not really into and ya want your stuff and you want to get out.
In fact you try to get your stuff and use her car and BOOM key gets stuck. Still not good. Then the whole bad, crazy period thing (which could be it’s own nightmare every month, lets be real).

I think this friendship is no bueno for you. Toxic and bleeding you dry, empty and you want out. But ya can’t really get out using her car or car keys. Maybe her method or resources or way of communication etc. I’d say pray, pray for her and move on from having an intimate friendship with this girl.

Like I said, probably not that thorough but just wanted to reach out to you. I know how creepy it is to have those heavy dreams.
But GOD loves you so much!