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      This will be a choppy explanation because my memery of it is just that, very choppy.

      The only face/person beyond myself in the dream I can recall is a friend of mine that I rarely see. I am not sure if it matters but she is gay, I am not.

      The entire dream I am attempting to get my belongings, without anyone’s knowledge, out of a house that my friend & several people reside in. I am to be killed/sacrificed & do not wish to die. (Gets really choppy here) I borrow her truck, the key breaks off in the ignition, I drive over an overpass, I’m in a corner store bathroom, heav montral blood & the tampon is coming out. My stomach is sick, I’m back at the house, atmosphere is cheerful yet I only feel fear & the need to run. I’m in her truck, so much menstral blood, I’m at a different corner store bathroom, the tampon is drenched & falling out again. I change it & see I’ve bled all over my skirt. I’m crying, feeling sick stomach & so scared. I’m back at the house. The atmosphere is again cheerful & all I feel is fear & sickness. My friend is there (not sure how I know that) I cannot see her face nor hear her voice, but she is present.

      This pattern seems to repeat until I awake. I cannot recall anything more except finally being in my own vehicle, that was parked in the back of this house. I’m driving away crying, sick & shaken with sadness & fear.

      I am a Christian, I rarely remember my dreams & never have I felt the need to seek help after awaking from having one. However, this one has me so confused & scared in a sense.

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      I was just researching dream interpretation and found this site and your post.
      Unfortunately I would not consider myself skilled at this or have any concrete answers but I did read your dream and felt bad that no one posted anything.

      So first off, GOD loves you and has your heart. It’s going to be okay. I know this sounds so basic but I really just wanted to reach out.

      My interpretation is the following: Please pray and take this with a grain of salt. Maybe cross reference this with more skilled people as well.

      Okay- So this chick and her friends are happy and having a party. You not so much. You are about to be sacrificed and you’re not really into and ya want your stuff and you want to get out.
      In fact you try to get your stuff and use her car and BOOM key gets stuck. Still not good. Then the whole bad, crazy period thing (which could be it’s own nightmare every month, lets be real).

      I think this friendship is no bueno for you. Toxic and bleeding you dry, empty and you want out. But ya can’t really get out using her car or car keys. Maybe her method or resources or way of communication etc. I’d say pray, pray for her and move on from having an intimate friendship with this girl.

      Like I said, probably not that thorough but just wanted to reach out to you. I know how creepy it is to have those heavy dreams.
      But GOD loves you so much!

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      Thanks so much for reaching out to me, It is really an empty feeling when no one hears you or understands. My husband just laughed saying “silly, it was just a dream.” & I understand & appreciate your interpretation but I think a few more details would change it a little. Sorry, I was so clouded when writing it out.. But it wasn’t a party, it was as if I was living with many people, & although I could not see any of them i knew they were all there & that Anton Levey guy was the head of the house. The sacrifice (me), there seemed to be organizing going on for a ceremony he was the head of. & my friend is one I very rarely see or get to talk to, literally once every year or so now..

      Thanks so much again,

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      Jennifer Seymour


      I certainly do not have any insights on this but I know that God is good and like Christine said, he loves you and cares for you. I think if you pray about it and ask him to help you with it he will. I also think he does warn us in dreams or prepares us for something…not trying to scare you here, but perhaps something metaphorically. I think our culture has changed so much that it is almost unrecognizable. I think of what it will be like in the end times (the time right before Christ returns) and they will be like the days of Noah and Lot. So perhaps it is not so much about anything that is going to happen to you, but what is going to be happening to those who do not know the Lord. But I can certainly see how this is very disturbing! I am praying right now that God will give you comfort, peace and insight!

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      Jennifer Seymour

      Sorry Christine and Kara–I got your names mixed up!


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      Tenay Duran

      Hi Christine,

      I am not a pro at translating dreams. I just have super detailed dreams that I know are messages from God. All interpretations must must must be confirmed by the Holy Spirit, so like the other ladies said, take it with a grain a salt.

      This is what I see happening in your dream.

      In your dream, you’re living amongst people you want to get away from. You may know that in life you are living in a world amongst people who are steering you in the wrong direction. You know that if you continue live the same way, it could lead to your spiritual death. (sacrifice/kill)

      You want to leave this house discreetly because you don’t want to ruffle any feathers. But deep inside you know that completely surrenduring to God can and will change a lot about your life. you may feel conflicted about this.
      Your friend you rarely see may represent a person you know to be struggling with the lies of this world. However, you try to borrow her car. (her method’s wont work so neither will her car) Cars represent transportation=How you live your life. You may be making decisions based on the advice or direction of the wrong person or people. Per why the key broke and you don’t seem to get very far without having to stop.
      Bleeding can represent atonement or something that testifies. While bathrooms can represent a period of cleansing/entering a time of repentance or facing a reality in an individuals life. I think, Jesus is trying to to tell you that He wants you to come straight to Him-to be cleansed. I think He wants you to know that His blood is enough. This is why your bleeding wont stop. He wants you to fully trust in His promises. He wants you to know that dwells deep inside of of you. (the most intimate place within a female-Also where new life is formed) That you don’t need to escape your situation by any other means than him. Every time you try to remedy the situation on your own (tampon) it fails and you end up going BACK to the same situation. Things will never be what He desires for you-a place where you feel peace, until you give up following the ways of the world and be lead hand in hand with Jesus on the path God planned for you. You’re back in your car. You’re facing reality, now it’s time for you to fully surrender to His will for your life. He has soooo much planned for you.

      Jeremiah 29:11

      I really hope this helps and is accurate, but I honestly dont know.
      I referred to a book on biblical symbols I use sometimes from Dr. Joe Ibojie. I also have learned a lot from John Paul Jackson.

      God Bless you and keep you,


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      Tenay Duran

      I forgot to mention there could be a slight different symbolization for your constant bleeding especially because its associated with so much pain. Bleeding can also represent: wounded, naturally or emotionally; dying spiritually; offended; gossip or unclean. See Psalms 147:3 and Proverbs 18:8. I hope you’re feeling better by now and have grown closer to God due to your dependence to understand this dream.

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