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January 29, 2018 at 7:40 pm#35088REPLY

I dreamt i was in a hospital with my sister (Who is not yet saved but she does pray and reads the bible). And we were standing outside of 2 doors talking and the room behind those doors were filled with sick children and we were going in to minister and pray for the children but then my sister stopped me and said that it was their time and when i asked her what she meant a light shined from under the door and this light was beautiful and glorious. She then says come on follow me we out the hospital and we walk until were on a hill looking down at the hospital and we see 1 big angel and 5 little angels asending up to heaven in the beautiful glorious light. And as im rejoicing with gladness small and big angels flew over me in a circle laughing and rejoicing as well… what do this dream mean???