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Thank you for your wisdom. God has put me in a situation where I feel called to move across the country, but I feel stuck where I am and I need the power of God to move me spiritually, mentally and physically. Also, my child has been struggling with really bad allergies and this all new to me. It can be very disheartening to see her suffer. I’ve been asking God to please help me by giving me his wisdom and knowledge to be able to make the right decisions for my family. I need God to help my husband make the right decisions for his company in order for it to be successful. If God wants for us to go in a completely different direction with his work, I pray God lays it on his heart very heavily. Please pray for us. Many things we are having to balance in our lives and we need God to intervene in a mighty way. I feel like Satan wants to take the life out of us by making our child sick constantly on top of business being very slow and bills are needing to be paid. I pray a lot at night because fear overtakes me at that time like clockwork and then I have to get on my knees for God to take it from me. Thank you.