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Dear Scarlett

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and to give you the correct interpretation.

This is a warning to prepare you mentally and spiritually for a possible danger/threat/predator & devouring spirit. This danger might be a person, personal situation, but it might also relate to your community, region or country that you are living in. Please ask the Holy Spirit to give you revelation on this.

The Siberian tiger is the biggest and most rare specie of tiger. They are known for their power and strength and will devour any prey when larger prey like wild boar and deer are not available. This is an indication that the danger/threat/predator might be rare and not familiar. It is an indication that it might stem from a place of authority/institution/governmental institution – a place of power.

Siberian tigers run very fast, up to 50mph, however they can only maintain this speed for short distances. Only one in 10 of their hunts are successful. This is an indication that the danger/predator’s attempt to instill fear and to devour might be so sudden and so overwhelming, that you might think at stages that it will surely devour you. But, if you endure and persevere in the presence of the Lord, seeking wisdom and guidance every step of your walk, even in the smallest of steps and decisions, no attempt by the enemy will prosper and he will surely fail. There will be no fear.

Siberian tigers mainly hunt at night time, their vision is 6 times better that humans. This is an indication that this predator/danger is most active in darkness. Situations, places, people or thinking patterns or behaviours that are not in alignment with the truth, the desires and heart of our Lord. Those places/situations/thinking paterns will be dark, ruled by evil and the truth will be twisted. Ask the Holy Spirit for an increased level of discernment so that you will be able to perceive the truth and the predator’s attempt to devour, so that you will be able to move forward and persevere in wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Much blessings