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      Raekeda Boyer

      Good morning, I had a dream I was at a cook out with my high school class. I had seen someone who’s name means wisdom. Then there was this girl who was scared to share her story and she was sad . After talking to her she had felt better and was ready. I can’t remember her name but then an old high school friend had appeared. Her name is Marcia her name means (warlike). I had gave her a high five. Her in the other girl were talking about going out the invited me and had told me to wear an orange dress. I had told them that dress was to revealing and that J couldn’t wear it. Next I had gone to the table where the food was and I was eating fried chicken. Next my twin sister had appeared and she had a pregnancy test that I had taken. She said I was pregnant I had said that no I wasn’t. She had gone to the table where Marcia was and read the pregnancy test back to me. Then she had said one of us were pregnant 🤰 and left.

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      Hello Raekeda,

      Thank you for sharing your dream. Please take everything that I share back to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the final interpretation.

      I just sense that something/old habit/someone from your past will come to tempt (orange) you and you should use caution and wisdom. Someone close to you (represented by your twin sister, not saying is the actual person) may side with an old habit/something/someone from your past. Don’t buy in to what is offered or suggested and no “high fiving” 🙂 .
      Your twin sister and Marcia may also represent an inner battle that you might be having as well.
      James 4 (more so) and Romans 12 might provide some insight for this dream.


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      Hi Raekeda,

      Please confrim also with God about your dream

      This is a calling dream

      Eating is like where you get your nourishment from in this case its like where you get your spiritual nourishment , cook out its like outside of the church but withiin the body of Christ, its like you will get wisdom in the bible wisdom is a teacher , either one of your friends is involve in teachings that is for the equipping of the saints and there you will grow as you help others ,thus you giving encouragement to the girl in your dream

      As you are being build up you will also be equipped in spiritual warfare and the grace of God will be upon you as you also go through these with your friends , 5 is the number for grace thus the high fiving ,orange dress, clothing is what we use to cover our bodies in this dream you are not comfortable wearing orange cause for you it is flashy , i would like to ask questions on ur dream to confirm but i think its better that you confirm them with the Holy Spirit instead , going back to the color orange it means perseverance , in the dream your friends were the one telling you to wear it , encouraging you to persevere
      And the last part about being pregnant , one of you are pregnant ,…..pregnant dreams are like God giving you something , a gift , that like in every pregnancy you will give birth into …..this is a wonderful dream

      Its a calling dream God is telling you that you will have wisdom and grow spiritually in these new teaching(equipping of the saints) because there you will be equipped and you will have fellow believers there that will help you grow and as you grow God will give you a gift until the time that you are ready to give birth to that gift ….this can be spiritual gift or a ministry

      God bless🙏

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      Hello, I had dream that after my weddings, my spouse didn’t attend the reception (extension of the wedding) when I went to look for him, he was in another woman’s house coming from the bathroom.
      I ignored it last year, but my wedding is coming soon.
      Kindly interpret. I don’t want to make a mistake.

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      Dee T

      Is there a particular situation that you will need to use wisdom and strategy for (maybe spiritual warfare?) When. I think of pregnancy I think of something you’re about to birth- new ministry? Purpose? Project? Your friend said you were pregnant and you didn’t believe it. I wonder if there is something that it is “evident” you need to be doing but you’re in denial about it even though it’s been showed to you and confirmed over and over again?

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      Hello Kind,
      Are you a Christ-follower? Here are two rhetorical questions. What propelled the assistance for interpretation at this time versus last year? What do you think the Holy Spirit is or has been telling you about your future partner or union to date? I honestly don’t feel comfortable providing any advice as I don’t feel that this single dream is enough to draw any conclusions at this time. I do,however, pray that the Sovereign and Loving God of heaven and earth reveals His perfect Will to you and that you have the courage to obey however He is leading you, in Jesus’ Almighty Name I pray, Amen! Feel free to discuss with your pastor if you have one.

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