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      Lord please give me strength and healing of my broken heart. I need help moving on and so stop thinking of my ex and to see and find a new wonderful person to share my life with. Hopefully this time it will be the right person and I can have a family. Also help me with my drug addiction it is so hard and I need help with the courts and pray I don’t go to jail. Please heal and forgive me of all the sins I have done. Please help me be a whole new woman and to start everything over. I love you. Amen.

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      Let go and let God put your mind and effort on seeking the Lord and all the things you need will be added unto you I had a drug addition also didn’t think I could ever let it go but the o placed it on the alter of my heart and sacrificed it to the Lord and in a matter of weeks no days no minutes he took them away he will also heal addictions we think is love away also remember pray let go and let God

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