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Meeting with a former colleague whom I’ve known to be unreliable. Then he kisses my thigh and pretends not to have. I’m at the airport ready to travel for work a meeting perhaps and I’ve bought a dress that I’m going to wear the next morning. So I join the queue and there are 2 lines and I move from the first line to the second one because the first one is for people with a lot of luggage and I only have a box. I realize I don’t have my documents and remember I gave it to the colleague I met earlier and it had my passport. I ask him to get it and he says he left it at home but he can’t go back to get it because he has a flight-I guess he’s a pilot. I understand and tell him to send someone at home to bring them then he says yer but I know him and I suspect he’s going to let me down. So I’m waiting in the airport walking and looking at people I see or meet this lady, familiar in the dream but not in real life. She is carrying girl triplets and they are mixed race (black and white) with dark curly hair. Later, I see the mother and think she’s beautiful, I am with someone telling them about the triplets and she’s asking me to describe them and I say they are mixed race and with beautiful eyes like for the mother with curly hair and then I think how hard it is to take care of them all.
Then it is past my flight time and my colleague never communicates or brings my documents and I think I know him it’s typical how unreliable he is. I am not so worried. From afar I see someone like him and it’s like he just alighted from a taxi my and he has all these luggage and I see something like my bag on the trolley but then it turns out to be someone famous but diferent face. Then I say I will just travel and buy what I need when I arrive – so somehow I manage to travel…I am walking into some apartment buildings in a foreign country and there is a group of many men at the stairs and I have nothing just a white envelope that I think has money I was taking it somewhere in the building. One of the gang members comes to me and I’m scared. He’s speaking Swahili cuz he’s kenyan like me and I’m surprised. I think that I don’t have anything valuable anyway, maybe just the envelope but he’s not taking it, not interested or not seeing the envelope. An American security guard is coming down the stairs inquiring and the guy gets scared and leaves and is carrying a gun. so I see an opppirtunity and run out of the building and I am looking for somewhere to hide and a muslim girl hiding close says it’s safe we can go back, I ignore her and I go to the next building I am climbing the stairs and other girls maybe foreign are following me. The building is not stable and you can’t go to the houses, there is a barrier and the girls help me get over the loose barrier by pushing it down so I can jump over – then I think they are all so helpful and I should also join to help them jump over.