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Coronavirus COVID-19 Prayers and Bible Verses

Prophetic Words 2020 and 5780

prophetic word september 2020
This prophetic word is titled Time to Get Off Auto Pilot.  This one like the last prophetic word has a few different messages in it.  They all relate to operating on Auto Pilot and you’ll know which one is for you after you read it. One of my brothers is …

prophetic word for september 2020
This prophetic word is entitled Running with Horses.  In the last prophetic word I spoke about a period in my life when I was running very low on hope.  This week the Lord brought me back to that period again and pulled out another lesson I learned during that time …

A few years back when I was going through a very difficult season, I tried to put my finger on what the problem was.  I knew that I had faith.  I knew that I trusted the Lord.  I knew that He was faithful to fulfill His promises but still I …

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