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Prophetic Word for 5780 and 2020

Prophetic Words for 2019

prophetic word for january 2019

This is the prophetic word for January 2019. The word that I am receiving for this season is recalibrate. This is something that I believe we all need to do on a consistent basis in our walk with the Lord. It helps us to stay on track and connected to …
prophetic word for december 2018

This is the prophetic word for December 2018.  This word covers the end of Hebraic month of Kislev which ends on December 8th, Hannukah which starts on December 2nd and  the month of Tevet which begins sundown December 8th. Hannukah goes from one month to the next. I want to …
Prophetic Word for 2019 or 5779

This is part 2 of the prophetic word for 2019 and the Hebraic Year 5779.  If you missed part 1, you can read it here Again, this is a long post which you can read through in it’s entirety the first time but the next time you visit you can …

Gifts of the Spirit

Bible Verses

This is a very simple prayer for miraculous multiplication based on Matthew 14:13-21 which is the story or Jesus feeding the five thousand with loaves and fishes. We want to point out the …
student loan forgiveness prayer

Many times we don’t understand the struggles of our fellow Christians and what they go through on a day to day basis unless it is something that affects us too. Today we want …

Intimacy with God


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