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Prophetic Words 2021 and 5781

prophetic word hinds feet
This prophetic word is titled Hind’s Feet and I am sure many of you at this time need this word.  This is to encourage you through whatever difficulty you may be facing. It has been a very rough season for many of you.  A season of intense spiritual warfare.  The …

guard your heart
This prophetic word is titled Guard Your Heart.  This is all the Lord has been saying to me over and over again for the last 3 weeks now.  Most of the time when we hear this scripture, it is being used to minister to the singles.  Well, at least this …

This post is about getting your joy back. You know in these times it is quite easy to lose your joy if you don’t guard it.  What happens when you have lost it and don’t know how to find your way back?  I believe it requires a bit of a …

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