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New Book Release

Over the years, this ministry has been contacted so many times by God’s children asking us to mentor them in prophecy. Upon further conversation, it has become abundantly clear that what they are seeking is not the gift of prophecy but rather just how to hear from God. Anyone can receive a prophetic word.  Anyone.

This is not a gift.  It is a right as a son or daughter of God to hear from your Father.  You just need someone to show you how.  It would be impossible to mentor each person one by one in this, so here’s the book!  It has teachings, activation prayers and exercises you can do that will be sure to tune your spirit in to Abba Father, Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit.  Read More.

Prophetic Words 2021 and 5781

prophetic word a new door
This prophetic word is titled A New Door.  This is based on a vision and then the prophetic word of the Lord.  This is a 2 part word. There is another encounter and dream that comes before this one.  Here is Part 1 – Mud and Marble Rye To give …

prophetic word august 2021
This is the prophetic word for August 2021.  I have to confess that God has brought this to me 3 times already over the period of 3 weeks and I had it included as a part of the 5782/2022 prophetic word.  However, it keeps coming up.  So now I know …

prophetic word watch out for unbelief
This prophetic word is titled Watch out for unbelief.  This is a very short prophetic word and it’s not for everyone but you’ll know when you read it if it’s for you. Last Friday, which was July 18th through to Saturday, July 19th was the 9th of AV on the …

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