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      For years, a demon has been punching and fighting me. I did not understand what was happening to me; however, I remember getting extremely mad. I went to sleep and I could feel a spirit enter my body. Now the demon is fighting me from the inside and I can feel it move throughout my body. I am desperately praying and seeking help. I know that it is a generational curse and I know it is trying to kill me. I need deliverance.

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      Yes, you do need deliverance. Do a search online and find a deliverance ministry in your area where you can get some help. You’ll need them to cast this thing out of you and also to cleanse your home. A good place for you to start is in confession your sins and ridding yourself of any generational curses. Here are some articles and prayers for you to start the process. You MUST do this or you will not be free of them.

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