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      Crystal Wimbush

      I had a dream that seemed so reaistic I was in like an airport runway and it was thousands of people who were standing in Different lines waiting for a number,a sword,a uniform,and to get their face painted so it was four lines and when everyone had gotten those things they ran off as if going to battle,as I was getting my face painted white I looked over to my right and I seen a gate it was huge it had a gold frame and the bars were black,so I go over there and it was a crack in the ground and smoke was coming from It as I’m feeling like something is wrong I look up in the sky and I see i old time key falling to the earth and before it hit the ground i woke up, I guess it scared me and I didn’t want to see what was going to happen next but I will never forget it,and I have a lot of dreams like that please help What is the message

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      Hi Crystal,

      The airport is a place of transition. There is movement going from one place to the next. A lot of people are going through this time of transition to receive a number (the timing to move out), a uniform (the new mantle for the new season), a sword (what weapon is needed for the war ahead – the word of God), an face painting (only necessary when you need to camouflage for battle.

      You see this gate so you see this gate which is black, ground split and smoke coming out sounds like the gates of hell. You are getting ready to go into this battle but God is letting you know before you come against that gate you need to get the keys. These are the strategies that you will need to win the battle. Pray and ask Him for the specific key. You will need the word of God, a new mantle for the new battle and the right timing of God to move out.

      Also read this https://missionariesofprayer.org/2016/05/binding-and-loosing-the-keys-to-the-kingdom-and-exercising-your-spiritual-authority/

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