24 Hour Prayer Lines

Do you need someone to pray with you over the phone?  There are times when we are going through a very difficultsituation and we need someone who is available to pray with us even if it is 2:00AM in the morning. 
Here is a list of great prayer ministries that will be available to pray with you.  Remember, Jesus loves you.  You can also set up your own free Prayer Line on this site or find a list of Prayers to meet your need.

Trinity Broadcasting Network (714) 731-1000

Christian Television Network (727) 535-7729

700 Club (800) 759-0700

Morris Cerullo  (866) 756-4200

World Harvest Church (614) 837-3232

Pray Live (443) 524-9880 enter code 7729

Life Outreach International (800) 947-5433

The Refuge Christian Fellowship (631) 266-1700

Somebody Cares Tampa Bay (877) 800-7729

Other Prayer Lines

T.D. Jakes Prayer Line -(888) 868-2497

Monday through Friday 7:00AM EST – 12 Midnight

Saturday & Sunday 6:00AM EST – 12 Midnight

World Missionary Evangelism – (800) 501 2851

Monday through Thursday 9:00AM EST – 5:30PM EST

Friday 9:00AM EST – 1:00PM EST


If you would like to start your own prayer line, click here