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      Good morning MOP:

      I pray all is well. About two days, I dreamed about the following:

      I was in a big house, surrounded by lots of children. There came a knock at the door. When I opened it, there was a man with a variety of animals. He asked me could he teach the children about the animals and my response was “Sure, why not.” Thus, I gathered up all the children in the living room. To say the least, the kids and I were fascinated by the animals on display. The animals were beautiful and the material was engaging. Then, he brought out a cage, with a yellow snake inside of it.

      Although the children weren’t frightened, I was shoke. The man sensed my fear and told me not to be afraid. He released the snake from its cage and immediately I went on the defense, asking him to put the snake back in its cage. The children whined and complained, but all I could think about is one of them getting bitten. The man complied and continued on with his show and tell.

      Once the demonstration was over, we thanked him and bid him farewell. However, he asked if he could speak with me privately before departing.

      During our convo, he informed me that somehow the snake had gotten out of its cage and that he could not find it. Once again. I was scared because like I mentioned earlier I could not bear the thought of one of the kids getting hurt. Hence, our search began. We searched the stairwell, in bedrooms, and so forth, but no sign of the snake. Mind you, this wasn’t a little snake, it was huge. However, we could not locate it. This is when I woke up.

      Your help regarding this matter is greatly appreciated as this dream has troubled my spirit for several days. I look forward to your reply. Take care and be blessed.

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      Hi Lakesha,

      This is the spirit of python. Someone that you are in communion with (a friend or sister/brother in Christ) is harboring this spirit an they think this is not a big deal. It could be that they don’t even know that it is a spirit of python.

      Are you having bible studies? Or leading groups in your church or ministry? This thing wants to get at everyone in your group. They are the children.

      You need to study more on this spirit. We are overdue on an article about this spirit as God has shown up that this is a spirit the body of Christ will be battling in 2018. Stay tuned to the site and we will have one up in a month or two.

      You need to bind the spirit of python. Here are some symptoms of this spirit.

      1. It is very sneaky so it creeps in without much fanfare and you won’t even know when it got there.
      2. It a constrictor so it’s job is to squeeze the life out of you. So you’ll feel tired alot. The more you sleep is the more you want to sleep.
      3. Fatigued and wanting to give up
      4. You start praying less. If you have the prophetic gifting that’s what it wants to stop.
      5. It is a slow death so you won’t realize when your bible study group will just start losing interest, you’ll find that the Spirit of God won’t be flowing as He used to in your group
      6. This generally comes with divination as well.

      You bind it and you cast it out.

      Do not put off or delay prayer times. Do not put off meeting with your groups. Don’t be surprised if others in your group are feeling the same thing because remember it wants to get at them too.

      Read Acts 16:16-19. It will say spirit of divination but in the greek it means python

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