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      I have so many things going on for which I need prayer. First, I’m a teacher in a public school. There is a teacher at my school who seems to be the root of many conflicts among some of the staff, and has particularly targeted me this year. We work at the same grade level and I speculate that this was done because she wanted to keep her position safe (she had a reason to feel her position could be changed). She is very liberal and seemed to have discovered that our new principal this year was in favor of “gender neutrality” at the school so she went to a seminar and then talked at a staff meeting about what she learned at the seminar and basically told the staff (which she had no right to do since she is not our boss) that “we all need to change the way we address the children. We can no longer call them boys and girls,…” etc, etc. I’m telling you this because she has found favor with our new principal and is now targeting me in various ways and including the principal in what she does. I believe she would like to see me have to leave because I am a threat to her position. I’m not sure exactly what my prayer is except that God protect me from her and reveal to the principal what the truth is with this particular teacher.

      Also, I am a cancer survivor twice now and need to have a thyroid ultrasound and biopsy as well as a bump on my thumb checked soon. I am concerned about these and ask that God just completely remove the lumps and bumps that are worrisome.

      There is more…but I think that’s plenty for now. I feel that the Evil One is targeting schools because that’s where the next generation is and he would like to destroy them. I try to be a light but, particularly this year, there have been many evil forces at work trying to shut me down. We have a new principal at our school who would not let the admin assistants put up any decorations at holiday time, not even secular decorations. Then, when a parent of a child at our school asked to have a flyer sent home to families about the Hindu festival of Holi, she allowed a flyer to be put into every child’s communication folder.

      Thank you very, very much for your prayers!

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      Hi Michelle,

      It appears you are in the school system for this very reason. If you don’t expose it (in prayer) then no one else would know that it exists.

      The first thing I would tell you is that you need to put the Armor of God on EVERY DAY before you head into work.

      You need this as a protection against these forces. Especially because you have a history with cancer. You don’t want to do any type of confronting.

      This is a word of knowledge and word of wisdom…
      Observe, take note and ask God for a strategy on how to defeat this spirit that you are up against which is obviously and antichrist spirit mixed in with a Jezebel spirit. Jezebel surrounded herself with eunuchs (gender neutrality). The spirit is connecting with the Ahab spirit (the principal) to try and take over the school. This is the plan. So I am going to say it again, don’t confront her. Ask God to give you a strategy to overthrow the Jezebel spirit. It was the eunuchs that threw her off the balcony. I am prophesying that the students themselves will be the ones to expose and overthrow her. It’s going to get back to the parents and there will be a big uproar and she will leave the school.

      And, don’t leave the school. This is your assignment.

      Cover yourself with the Armor. Pray for the strategy. Ask God to give the plan to overthrow her. Read the entire story of Jezebel from start to finish.

      We will be praying for you on all of this. For your healing and that you will overcome this to the glory of God.

      Please keep me updated on this. You can reply on this thread and with any updates and areas where you need additional prayer. Don’t put their names because it will come up on a Google search and you don’t want them discovering this.

      God bless. Stay strong. God is going to do this through you.

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