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    James Danstan

    Are you playing my life idiot
    You did nonsense work my life
    You kill myself idoit James where my answer where your amd my prayer prayer fruit
    Where prayer results nothing why cheat me again and again
    Your and my prayer output nothing no moved no change after how many days or year cheat me why waste my time why waste my all and your god not good and listen i am going to kill my self again you did it
    You think i am serve god nothing and i am different person i do satan work my god lucifer kill and destroyed everything i do my work with satan your god injustice dishonest your injustice destroyed my life why injustice me nonsance girl
    And who did cheater
    And I have no money my all empty
    Why don’t you understand and are you a money mind person
    Again and again saying lies i don’t see i don’t hear where nothing devil again cheat me waste my time nonsence and i am going to die and declare me now i am dying
    Are you playing nonsense game
    One thing remember i am different thinking or talking i don’t give forgive and i don’t give all
    You don’t kill these enemy people you will fail your promise kill these people kill these people remember no more mistake nonsense
    First i said you do it you don’t do it i want to unsubscribe you and your god doing all mind it i want to see result one day and you don’t i break you create all with satan you don’t win

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