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      Greetings in the Matchless name of Jesus.

      Back in November 2021, I was in a two part motor vehicle accident; a jeep who collided into my left side (yes,I live in the tropics where we drive on the left-hand side of the road) leaving damages to my front and rear doors.
      The gentle man accepted liability ensuring me that I would have coverage from his insurance. We all know insurances they try as much ways to save paying out. They took my matter to the authorities of traffic dept. I end up losing my case. I was disheartened because my car is brand new- 3 yrs old and honestly finances are just trying to catch its self back with me, due to the lost of Covid-19, etc. I held on in prayer/ faith asking God to help me someway or the other to solve this matter without me paying out of my pocket.
      I left all of my anxieties and decided to focus on other matters that was carrying on in my family (my mother who is now diagnosed with cervical cancer😩).
      Guess What? In May 2022, my dealer called me and said “there is a recall on your vehicle ma’dam and we are changing your (2) front doors, hood, etc.”
      Look at God! Where I was suffered with the expense from the accident (no refund from the insurance) God showed up for me and paid for my damages just like that- FREE.
      A message to all: Nothing is lost in the Kingdom of God, it shall return. Hallelujah, praise God. Amen

      Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, hope, directions and love Missionaries Of Prayer. You not only touch the country of the USA, but little Antigua too🇦🇬

      Blessed love

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