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      November 15 2014
      (DREAM #1)
      I dreamed that I was in a place that terroists were and my family were there and I told the terroists leader if he can shot me four times to make him believe in Jesus would he believe in him and he did in the end before it started I prayed to jesus like jesus did asking god to allow myself to be protected so that people will believe in him.

      So a guy came to me and shot me the first time and it didnt hurt me anywhere and the second time no, and the third time it didn’t hit me and when he shot the third bullet it lited up with the fourth one like matches and it fired up a little and the fourth one didnt come out because didnt let it come out

      and in the end I remember my auntie(my youngest uncle from my mom side wife) bringing me a lot of sackcloth like alot for me to pray and the sackcloth that I received was brown and when I keep going over it it a part of it I saw was orange and white in the middle and i remember seeing my uncle(my mom youngest brother) recording the things happening naked with only purple underwear.

      but even though I was scared and worry I felted peace in my heart near my heart while those bad things happened I knew jesus was their with me and protecting me

      Even though I was scared and didnt believe Jesus still protected me.

      I think something was like forming to protect me but I didnt see anything much

      and I dreamed of one of my church members coming over to my house and me thinking of doing a testimony when we came home.(The church member is a guy he is like an uncle to me)

      Other Details:the bullets were batteries double AA batteries and blue and sliver color.

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