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      I had a dream Sept 27. The dream started with me and someone I know (can’t remember who) at an apartment door. The person brought me to the door but I didn’t know who’s place it was. I was hesitant to walk in but I did anyway. Upon walking in I was greeted by a man in a green sweater and there was someone who was almost golden but I couldn’t see their face. There was food out and it was like a modern style apartment but I have a wooden table almost like a New York City apartment. The man in the green in the moment I sat down and he said try to sit next to me he had a smile but I felt like it wasn’t genuine. Then the man was trying to entice me but my first thought was that must be the devil. I couldn’t see it but I could feel it that that was the devil or the enemy. He tried to entice me telling me I could get a whole bunch of things and I believe making money pretty much a lot of stuff that I really wanted saying that I could have it. I kept telling him no I don’t want that I will keep repeating no I’m OK no no no. Then the person Who was Golden I could not see their face they had an apron on almost like it was the man in the greens with his wife but it was a man though but I couldn’t see their face. But in the dream I knew it was a fallen angel and the angel tried to come aggressive to me to my shoulder and try to convince me I hate you want to do this. I was adamant no no and I ended up waking up from my dream.

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      Hello Elijah,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      What came to mind is that an opportunity may knock at your door that might appear like a golden opportunity. The man in the green could represent Mammon or greed. Please pray that you do not fall into temptation in this regards. Please remember Matthew 6:24


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      I had something like a dream but, nearly awake and fully conscious, that I was able to yell and scream at it, a yucky sounding thing. I opened my eyes, and prayed. I did face my fears, and went back to rest. I will not allow the enemy to rob, steal and destroy me. I will go to Church today and perhaps get a prayer.

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