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      Ethan Haroutunian

      Hi can you please pray for me for addictions and I struggle with it and it’s hard to quit and I don’t wanna be separated from God and end up in hell or left behind, I really want him so much and pray for my family and grandparents and people I know to be saved also😭

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      Lord you know Ethan struggle.his desire to be free from the additions in his life is a godly desire.i thank you lord you are removing the desires of ungodly addictions in his life right now.i thank you lord he wont think of them desire them or be near them or any one or thing connected to them.i thank you lord you are causing ethan to be addicted to you and your word. You are saturating him in your healing oil and love right are encamping Angel’s around him to guard him in yeshua name

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      Sister Rachelle

      God in Heaven I Thank you for your Son Jesus I Thank you for your Holy Spirit Father the spirit of addiction is strong but you are stronger please forgive us for our sins known and unknown everyday we try to get closer to the Will and purpose you have for our lives Father send your WARRING ANGELS TO YOUR SON SEND THE ONES YOU SENT FO ME AND THE MANY OF YOUR CHILDREN BEFORE ME send your love Father your hope Father your destiny helpers Father food water and all other essentials needed for you to win this fight Father your sons needs mental strength and physical strength to stop fighting as we are taught and fight your way teach him to submit to your will Father let him taste the Peace you and only you can bring to all these areas I am Praying for you Ethan and send my love and extra spiritual strength I love You Jesus and Thank you Father for your Son Amen

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      daniel overbury

      Hello, I too am struggling with addiction, meth, porn, alcohol, ect. I would certainly ask you to pray for me to overcome my addiction and be set free to serve The Lord with joy. please pray for me, thank you.

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