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      Hi, I tend to have sexual release whilst I’m sleeping – but at the same it’s like I don’t see myself in the act but sexual release/orgasm tends to come through. Can you please guide me how to break this. It’s just happened during the fast.I initially saw myself with someone I know he was sort of caressing and kissing bit weirdly but equally I was checking out my sibling, and then I woke up from that dream and cancelled it. Then after going back to sleep I experienced this.

      I’ve searched through prayers to break it off, I’ve confessed all my sins – don’t know what else I need to do. Can you please guide/pray for me? It’s such an uncomfortable feeling…

      Thank you

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      Hi just to provide bit of context I have been having this experience for years and have fasted numerous times and prayed but for some reason I seem to still experience this.. I have been attacked through sleep paralysis also a number of times.

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      Hi Jane, Here is an article with a prayer that will explain it.

      You also need to pay attention to what you are watching on television, movies, or listening to in the music that may be encouraging this demon to come back into your life and shut all those doors. Ask God and He will reveal it to you.


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