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      Please pray for Thinesh and my relationship. We are having problems constantly due to past hurts and unforgiveness, and betrayal. Every time I try to talk to him its like there is a wall that is blocking everything I say to him. If I try to approach him he blocks me out. Every word I speak he’s taking it as negative and lies. He is constantly pulling up the past issues from 2015, and fighting about it. He refuses to see all the good that has happened since then. I am praying and crying out to the Lord for a breakthrough. I feel like I am loosing hope and I am afraid that he is sexchatting and going on pornography again. This was the reason for our problems back in 2015. I am praying for deliverance for him. Praying for healing and forgiveness to flow between us, praying for restoration, and reconciliation of this relationship. And praying that we both remain faithful to each other and keep the covenant we made with each other. I pray for a miracle. Only Jesus can do this and I am putting my trust in Jesus.

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      We will be praying for you and your relationship. Since there so many different issues involved in your prayer request, please take the time to go through this list of prayers and I am sure you will find several there that will be of help to you. God Bless You

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