Prayer to help me overcome the fact I was cheated while expecting.

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      I trusted the wrong guy, I didn’t not give in to temptation, instead I was manipulated & threaten, physically abused as well.

      I do not want to harp on the past.

      He(Jiawin) cheated on me before the break up, but lies about it even when evidence was shown. He’s not mature enough to face reality, blocking me out, refuse to find a job & he’s 26. He has gaming, smoking & pornography addiction, he seeks prostitution too, brought him to church once.
      Right now he’s dating the 3rd party whom he cheated me on, she knows I’m pregnant with his child, she(kelly) is only 17, very young.

      I need prayers to help me forget the pain & trauma he has caused me. It’s giving me nightmares daily, I just want to focus on Jesus. I hope the Lord can changed him to face the truth maturely not run away, at least helping out with maintenance, even if he chooses to leave me irresponsibly.

      It’s tough to be 11 weeks pregnant & alone. I have been reading daily devotion to help me.

      Thanks so much!

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      Hi Naomi,

      Praying for you that God will meet all your needs and those of your unborn child. You must realize that you need to repent for your part in this relationship. You had an intimate relationship with someone that is not your husband. This is not to condemn you but God will restore you after you repent of this. He will offer you direction and options as you seek Him with a heart that is turned completely towards Him and away from where you are currently focused.


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      Hi Naomi,

      The road to healing and restoration starts with you dia. “Abide in me, and i will abide in you”, the LORD tells us. Let this be the time for you to receive and live in the righteousness, joy and peace that only our Lord Christ Jesus can provide.
      Develop an intimacy with God, through His Word, in prayer and worship.
      He will take care of everything else for you.
      Also remember, love conquers all things!
      I pray the Spirit of the Lord lead and guide you through it all. God bless you.

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