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      Joel Gage

      I pray for the following

      1) For Treatment by urologist for treatment of the ABS. I hope to get it treated very soon. This referral to urologist was cancelled, and I am now be referred to a general
      surgeon to treat the herniated groin muscle, but the netting that hold all of my lower organs in, is got a hole and part of my extreme lower intestines are protruding
      through that opening, which could have serious and grave consequences on the other lower internal and external organs and my life unless

      2) I have been referred (a self referral) to South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS)
      Audiology Services for another Hearing Test at the land to be seen by a Hearing Doctor/Specialist
      to determine if I need hearing aids. My appointment is on Saturday, 15 April at 1PM on 8410 Datapoint
      Drive, Suite 150, San Antonio, TX 78229

      3) For Mental Health Evaluation for my mood swings, anxiety, depression, short temperedness, loss in short term and
      long term memory, no coordination of hands, feet and eyes working together, manual dexterity, finger
      dexterity, multi limb coordination, oral expression, and comprehension.

      4) I visited a Vet Job counselor recently and upon tell him all the medical issues; he said I should relay this to my doctor, when I see her
      on the 19th of April and have “my doctor make a determination as to whether I am to medically fit to work or not” and if I am not to make a
      recommendation to file for Social Security disability. In meantime, I should begin to search and apply for jobs, before I run out
      of funds and end up in a very bad, unrecoverable financial situation, I am praying for God’s guidance and protection in this matter, since I have
      been out of work for more than a Month or more. To either permit me to apply and received Social Security disability or to return an work
      a normal job for about 2.5 years from this day and then collect my full Social Security at age 66.

      For my fiancée’s direct Mgr, basically I believe this person to be a good woman but she is so wrapped very much into Worldliness of this world and her work.
      At times demons of this world have complete control of her, perhaps she does not understand the supernatural world and how
      it works causing and affecting her, the decisions made regarding other around her and to those she supervises or does not believe in such.
      I pray God guides her in his actions, thought and deeds and prevent worldly demons for causing harm and mayhem through and to use
      her for their own destructive desires.

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      Praying for you Joel & your fiance.

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