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      Dear People of God
      I found your website by the grace of God and have printed some of the prayer points , I need prayers please I am a mother of 3 beautiful children who is divorced , I need the restoration of God upon my marriage I have come to see that really I need my family and I know a God who can do all things , although at the time I honestly did not see a way out as I felt as if I had tried all things to save my marriage am now older and wiser and I need the hand of God upon my life , my children and husband.I am currently raising the kids alone by the help of God and I have fallen short in paying for their school fees and unless I pay the school fees the school is very strict it takes very serious action like expelling but I reject that it is not my portion nor my kids my children are an inheritance from The Lord , they are not a curse they are a blessing and they are entitled to covenant blessings.

      Things have been stuck and I know prayer changes everything .

      Help me pray also for the salvation of my entire family and that God will deliver them from all evil and makes way for them to enter into His glorious light .


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      Hi Portia,

      Praying for you, your children, your marriage. May the supernatural favor of God fall upon you and your entire family.

      I once knew a lady who lived in a house for 6 months without paying her electric bill. This was in a country where they disconnect you after 2 months. It’s not that she didn’t want to pay it, it was that she couldn’t afford to pay it. Through a series of events, God somehow made that extend to 6 months to a time when she did have the money and was able to pay all 6 months at one time. Can you imagine she had no money to pay for 1 month but them 6 months later God restored her to a place where she could pay all 6?

      He wants to do the same for you. SUPERNATURAL FAVOR!
      It doesn’t matter how He does it, believe that He can do it. Ask Him to do it and walk in faith every single day that your kids will stay in school, they will not get kicked out, that you will receive favor with the finance office and that you will be able to pay the school fees.

      I speak that blessing over you in the name of the Most High God.

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