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      Can you please pray for my family extent family friends and their families neighborhoods and myself
      Spiritually mentally physically
      Guidance strength protection
      Renewal recovery mind and body spiritually
      Renewal of spiritual Faith
      Please pray against any all demonic attack and curse on us be sever away so we can forth with God if we choose too
      And anyone doing so be able to repent and choose to go toward God if they choose to
      And may all ungodly souls ties be severed away and any monitoring and fsmilar spirits be severed away
      May we all be able go forward anyone that seek him and is lost
      Please pray for us all and all open doors be closed to the enemy so we can do so
      May our WiFi and emails be anointed for safety and protection spiritually
      Thank you so very much
      May God bless you everyday

      Can I ask a question?

      I have something going in and out body

      I feel like a biting sometimes

      I get theses clicking noise near ear and noise popping sounds sometimes on wall and objects

      And sometimes unexplained bruises

      I have had some mess with my mind

      Sometimes I feel like something is in my body controlling feel weird

      Have heard of this ?

      And also negative thoughts not of me feel like someone draining sometimes like in mind I feel a release feeling weird I know I’m being honest have heard of any of this ?

      I have been told I being electronic intrusion harassment black magic being used by monitoring witches occults

      I been told been chipped

      If so can’t be stopped I don’t want nothing bad them either don’t nothing want nothing bad for no one maybe blocked
      I pray they get healed and repent and go toward God if they choose too

      Thank you so much

      May God continue to bless you everyday

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      Hello C, we are praying for you but there are some things that you need to do. Find a local church that has a deliverance ministry and go and get someone to help you with this. It appears you have some heavy demonic activity going on and you need to have someone work with you on that.

      While you do this please read and watch this series and work through the items

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