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      My husband has a daughter who won’t take care of her three children.
      She asked him to take her three kids for the summer . he knew I would be angry . A few days later while visiting she stated they needed to come for the summer , I told her the three day’s a week we have them now is too much , but he interrupted me and said it will work out . later I suggested we help pay for child care but he said no.He doesn’t give me any say in the matter.we have been getting the oldest child Friday to Sunday thirteen years. I’m tired and want to live some of our life for ourselves.the children are ages 13,5,& 4. They are undisciplined and I don’t get respected or can’t discipline them especially the oldest. we are both disabled and caring for them is very difficult for us.
      My husband doesn’t consider me at all when it comes to this decision. we have other grandchildren but these are his favorite and he makes no apologies as he shows it.its time for my husband and I to enjoy life and be free of responsibility of children .
      Please Lord I’m tired Lord hear my prayer and make other plans for care for her children.

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      Hi Sheila,

      One day when you are calm and your husband is in a very good mood ask Him why he doesn’t listen to your advise when it comes to those grand children. Tell him you want the truth.

      Here is the hard part…when he answers, don’t say anything else. Don’t give advise or ask anything else. This will give you your answer and it won’t be to change how he feels it will be for you to know how to pray and proceed.

      Do you think you can handle the answer without responding? You have to keep this in mind before you ask him the question.

      Then you take the answer to your prayer closet, not to him. And, let God handle it from there.

      Praying for you Sheila.

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